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Case 1 – Veeners

"With cases like this, I need a lab to provide a service which is accurate, highly skilled and reliable." I also need great communication. To me Simplee Dental tick all of the boxes.

Dr Will Shaw - Ancells Farm Dental Clinic

Case 2 – Crowns and Bridges

"I have worked with Simon and Woody for over 10 years and have always been very happy with the quality of their work. With my provision of highly complex treatments and aesthetically demanding patients, it is essential that dental technicians have an intimate and contemporary knowledge of all techniques and philosophies that are being provided. Not only do Simplee understand what I am asking for, but they also excel in the provision of these services."

Dr Jas Sagoo - Perfect Smile Spa
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Case 3 – Full Smile Makeover

"While some patients still want the “Hollywood Smile” look with straight white teeth most of my patients want a natural looking smile. Simplee dental Lab always provide the result my patients ask for and for truly natural aesthetics the smile-makeovers they are exceptional. Indeed Simon and myself have been shortlisted at the Aesthetic dentistry awards 2013 and 2014 for 3 catergories including full mouth restorative and single arch restorative. I would highly recommend your laboratory to any practitioner that is looking to provide a high class service and high end asethetics for their patients.

Thank you for all your hard work over the last few years."

Dr Jas Sagoo - Perfect Smile Spa

Case 4 – Crowns and Veeners

"Having worked with Simon and Lee at Simplee for over a year now I have no worries sending any work from single units to full smile design cases. If I ever have any queries regarding a case Simon is always willing to take the time to talk to me down the phone or if I need to I am always welcome to go down to the lab to talk in person. I can't recommend them enough and I look forward to working with the team on many more cases!"

Dr Richard Field
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Case 5

"As a quality private practice we rely on good quality support from my laboratory. I have been using Simon and Lee for many many years and I cannot recommend them highly enough." "They are a quality dental laboratory which provide quality, natural and high aesthetic restorations. The fit of the restorations is outstanding, in the many many years I have been using them, there have been minimal remakes."

Dr Anoop Maini - Aqua Dental Spa